Cynosure Launches PicoSure® Pro at AMWC: The World’s First and Only 755nm FDA-cleared Laser For Treatment of Melasma Pigment


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CHISWICK, England, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cynosure are launching the PicoSure® Pro system at the AMWC Congress in Monaco this weekend, and will be hosting a standalone launch symposium, led by renowned international expert Dr Christine Dierickx, who will present on this latest upgrade to the best-in-class PicoSure system. PicoSure® Pro is the first and only FDA-cleared 755nm picosecond laser on the market, and uniquely delivers energy in a trillionth of a second, utilising pressure instead of heat to provide safe and effective treatments for unwanted pigmentation and skin revitalisation of all skin types. 

The AMWC congress will see Cynosure unveil this industry-leading technology at an expert-led symposium focusing on “The Power of PicoSure Pro” and the data behind the FDA-approval for the 755nm treatment wavelength. Leading laser expert Dr Dianne Quibell will also be presenting the PicoSure® Pro and detail her clinical experience using PicoSure technology, alongside other energy devices in the Cynosure portfolio, including Potenza. Cynosure will host a series of exclusive training workshops throughout the congress weekend, designed to deliver hands-on coaching for leading doctors across the European markets. 

“As inventors of picosecond aesthetic laser technology, we are constantly challenging ourselves to continually drive innovation forward. Whether we’re developing new devices or improving upon our trusted flagship products, we’re focused on addressing the unmet needs of our practitioners to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients and practice,” said Todd Tillemans, Chief Executive Officer of Cynosure. “From a 50% increase in energy to new handpieces and an adjustable fluence, the performance enhancements made to the PicoSure Pro device provide practitioners with more versatility than ever before, allowing them to efficiently treat more patients per day and provide better outcomes in less time.” 

The Power of PicoSure® Pro  

PicoSure® Pro is now equipped with two lenses that work to safely and effectively address a variety of concerns across all skin types: 

Additional enhancements include a sleek, modern design, intuitive graphic user interface and new 5MM handpiece for treating discrete lesions, lighter skin types and smaller areas. 

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About CynosureCynosure is the global leader in medical aesthetics and develops, manufactures, and markets aesthetic treatment systems that enable plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical practitioners to perform non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures for skin revitalisation, hair removal, body contouring, women’s health, treat vascular and benign pigmented lesions, remove multi-colored tattoos, reduce fat through laser lipolysis, reduce cellulite, clear nails infected by toe fungus and ablate sweat glands. Cynosure’s product portfolio is composed of a broad range of energy sources including Alexandrite, diode, Nd: YAG, picosecond, pulse dye, Q-switched lasers, intense pulsed light, and RF technology. Cynosure sells its products globally under the Cynosure, Palomar, ConBio, and Ellman brand names through a direct sales force in the United States, Canada, France, Morocco, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, and through international distributors in approximately 130 other countries. For corporate or product information, visit Cynosure’s website at 

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