PowMr Launches SOLXPOW Series, Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Market


(Adnkronos) – BERLIN, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant move towards enhancing renewable energy solutions, PowMr, a leading solar energy company, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking SOLXPOW Energy Storage Inverters series. The SOLXPOW range, designed for both residential and commercial scenarios, promises to revolutionize the way energy is stored and utilized, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply and fostering sustainable energy practices. 

The residential series, featuring the X1 and X2 models, is engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern homes. The X1 series, available in variants ranging from 3kW to 8kW, boasts a remarkable 97.6% maximum efficiency, 15A PV input current, and a robust 30A charge/discharge capacity. Its 10ms UPS-level switch technology ensures an uninterrupted power supply, epitomizing reliability and efficiency. The X2 series, with options from 4kW to 12kW, elevates this performance further with a 98.2% maximum efficiency and a unique 110% unbalanced output capability, making it an ideal solution for households with varying power demands. 

For commercial applications, PowMr introduces the X3 and X4 models, tailored to meet the high-energy demands of businesses. The X3 series, available in 10kW to 20kW, offers a high 98.4% maximum efficiency and a powerful 40A charge/discharge capacity, suited for larger scale operations. The X4 series ranges from 25kW to 50kW, setting a new standard with an impressive 98.8% maximum efficiency and a substantial 100A charge/discharge capability. These models are equipped with a three-phase function and up to 4 MPPTs, allowing for connection to more solar panels and catering to diverse commercial energy needs. 

All SOLXPOW inverters support both grid and PV input, ensuring that power is never out. These inverters are compatible with high voltage batteries for fast charging and are capable of handling significant power for large home appliances. In a step towards energy autonomy, the SOLXPOW series allows users to sell excess power back to the grid, offering a way to reduce electricity bills or generate additional income. 

Crucially, the PowMr SOLXPOW series comes with all necessary certifications and features required for the EU market, ensuring compliance and safety. 

“This launch marks a milestone for PowMr, reflecting its commitment to providing sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions,” said Tony Zou, the company’s founder and CEO. With SOLXPOW, PowMr is set to become a key player in the renewable energy market, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Learn more about PowMr SOLXPOW at: https://powmr.com/collections/energy-storage-inverter

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