ADO (A DECE OASIS) Achieves Representative Year with Record More Than RMB 0.1 Billion($ 16 Million) in Global Sales Volume For Only 1 Year Into The Market


(Adnkronos) – FRANKFURT, Germany, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Founded in 2021, ADO (A DECE OASIS) electric bicycle is a Chinese Global brand of DTC, and the model of “30% online direct sales +70% offline agent distribution” has been formulated from the beginning. According to the statistics, more than 50 agents globally have been developed and the sales amount of more than RMB 0.1 billion has been signed only after emerging for only 1 year. 

A DECE OASIS has launched and upgraded A and D series Ebikes, A series representing the Standard level, including A16, A20, A20F, A26 models, D series,representing high level with mirable, including D300, D300C. Let us look forward to the future of the O series. 

“Affected by the epidemic, the next round of overseas dividend comes from the consumption downgrade of the middle class. Mr. Sen, the founder of A DECE OASIS and his team have devoted themselves to the development and sales of the electric bicycle brand-A DECE OASIS since 2021.” 

Mr. Sen said: “More importantly, there shall be a clear sales and brand strategy, it’s necessary to determine the brand positioning and differentiation before the strategy is formulated.”   

Firstly, A DECE OASIS has a very clear positioning at the beginning of the brand creation. A DECE OASIS is positioned as the cornerstone of users taking a short trip. The A DECE OASIS products are set to guard every day when the user goes out based on the need for short trips within the 40km scope with the user’s home as the radius. 

Secondly, planning products, local services, brand marketing and channel building  pursuant to brand positioning and values. 

Finally, building an operation system matching with brand positioning, vision and values. 

Mr. Sen: “The electric bicycle industry ultimately depends on local services.” 

1. The local services still rely on the 70% of B-terminal local city agents. “The service begins after the customer contacts the brand and the service is upgraded after the product is delivered to the customer, thus many offline physical stores are required to serve the users.” 

2. Globally 7 local warehouse, already provide overlight delivery in the United Kingdom and Germany. “A DECE OASIS’s team has branches, warehouses, and local technical after-sales team in Germany. ” 

A DECE OASIS also promises to give the user a new one free of charge if the repair fails due to the product quality in the life cycle, and A DECE OASIS will be responsible for the user. 

A DECE OASIS slogan-Cross your city, reflects the original intention, “A DECE OASIS is trustworthy when you ride A DECE OASIS’s electric bicycle through your city.” 

Mr. Sen: “We must ensure that the products and services are in place and firmly protect consumers.” 

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