(Adnkronos) – PARMA, Italy, April 1, 2022/PRNewswire/ — Growth continues at Chiesi, the international research-focussed pharmaceutical group and its 30 global affiliates with turnover at €2.42bn, up 8.6% vs 2020. Gross operating profit (EBITDA) grew 3.9%,reflecting the beginning of important phase III R&D studies in the respiratory field. The Group’s financial situation remains solid with an improvement of > €0.5B in the 2021 period. 

Europe remains Chiesi’s biggest market, representing 72% of turnover (UK 18%; Germany 13%; Italy 11%; other European markets 31%), followed by the US (15%.)Two leading products in the respiratory area contributed some €1.2bn to turnover; its leading asthma treatment growing almost 2%, distributed in 68 countries with a 32% market share in the five leading European markets. Sales in the company’s Global Rare Diseases treatment portfolio grew from seven to 11% of total revenues. 

CEO Ugo Di Francescosaid: “I am proud of this global progress in the US and China, and the diversification of our portfolio with a focus on biological drugs. What really sets Chiesi apart is placing people, patients and the planet as the core of our strategy, growing our impact of people’s lives while reducing our footprint significantly.” 

Expenses and depreciation in R&D reached €478.8m, equal to 19.8% of Group turnover. The increase on the previous year (€448.3m) was driven by the intensification of clinical development activities in phase III and preparatory activities for R&D pipeline projects. 

The Group enriched its R&D respiratory pipeline via an acquisition from UCB through a licensing agreement for the exclusive global rights for the development, production and marketing of an experimental monoclonal antibody in the clinical phase that inhibits transglutaminase 2 (enzyme associated with fibrotic diseases). 

Additionally, the group announced the €85m investment in a Biotech Center of Excellence Plant in Parma, for the development, production, and distribution of biological products.  

Chiesi was recognised as Top Employer® in eight countries worldwide: Italy; Brazil; Germany; Greece; Poland; Russia; the United Kingdom; and USA.  

Gender equality remains a key goal: 54% of all employees – and some two-thirds of R&D staff – is female.