Hisense Drives Technology Industry to a New High, Jointly Releases Latest Industry Key Figures with GfK and Ipsos


(Adnkronos) – QINGDAO, China, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On March 29, Hisense unveiled the latest report jointly announced with GfK and Ipsos at the Hisense 2021 Branding Key Figures Press Conference. The key figures showed that global consumer demand for home appliances hit a record high in 2021 under the influence of the epidemic, which led to a 13% YoY growth in the home appliance market, while Hisense’s home appliance sales grew by more than 30%. In addition, Hisense’s brand awareness ranked among the top in several categories worldwide and strongly demonstrated the global technology industry’s competitive leadership position. 

Hisense Sales and Brand Awareness is Leading in Global Market  

According to GfK, in 2021, 16% of consumers upgraded their home appliances, which led global home appliances sales to increase by 13% and TVs sales up 6%, reaching record high growth rates. Meanwhile, Hisense’s market growth outside PRC exceeds 30%, with 8% market share in the TV industry. Moreover, Norbert Herzog, Global Strategic Insights Head of GfK SE, believes premiumization has become a market consumption trend. 

In recent years, Hisense has continued to focus on premium industries and globalization strategies, successfully provided qualified products and excellent services to global consumers, led Hisense to achieve greater success in sales and brand awareness. 

According to Ipsos research data for 2019-2021, Hisense brand equity has grown 54% in three years, and Hisense’s brand awareness in 2B businesses such as intelligent city, transportation, and healthcare ranked among the top in the industry. This means that Hisense’s global brand awareness has gained tremendous growth while effectively leading to increased sales. In 2021, Hisense TV sales in the United States, Mexico, and major Western European markets such as the UK, France, and Germany grew by more than 30% YoY, and Hisense Laser TV sales in overseas markets outside of PRC grew by 279% YoY. 

Globalization and Develop Premium Technology to Achieve Brand Success 

Hisense VP of International Marketing Jerry Liu said: “Hisense’s dedication towards technology has never changed over the years; we are constantly insisting on R&D to create premium products for global consumers.” Through continuous efforts in branding and premium products, Hisense expects its flagship product ULED TV will achieve premium sales growth of more than 40% YoY; Laser TV will grow doubled. 

In terms of business layout, Hisense will establish nearly 100 premium flagship stores globally; more R&D centers will be built in the United States and Japan, increasing investment in overall development to achieve better production, distribution and sales layout 

In the future, Hisense will continuously pursue R&D in technology to deliver a premium product and high-end lifestyle to consumers, and become a trustworthy technology brand worldwide. 

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