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yeedi Sets the Trend for Robot Vacuum Industry with KK series

IMMEDIAPRESSyeedi Sets the Trend for Robot Vacuum Industry with KK series

(Adnkronos) – Featuring self-emptying and self-cleaning options, the yeedi KK series breaks the stereotype of robot vacuums with its design and performance 

BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — yeedi, a robot vacuum brand dedicated to helping customers solve challenges in their daily lives, today released the yeedi KK series. With 3 models available, yeedi KK (robot vacuum & mop), yeedi KK Plus (self-emptying robot vacuum & mop), and yeedi KK Station (self-cleaning robot vacuum & mop), this series caters to different cleaning needs. yeedi established its reputation among global customers with its product reliability and affordability with earlier models. The KK series is another surprise yeedi offers this year. It combines aesthetics and functions to bring customers a new era of robotic cleaning experience.   

“More and more robots are bundled with a station to offer hands-off cleaning experiences. It’s hard to neglect their existence around the house hence product design has become increasingly critical. We also noticed that customers nowadays expect robot vacuums to tackle more cleaning tasks and they find the basic vacuuming and mopping combo subpar.” Said Gary Li, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at yeedi, “yeedi brings a new level of cleaning experience with the KK series. This series is packed with 5100Pa suction and inherited the tried-and-true dual-power mopping system from the mop station released last year. This redesigned series with matching and deluxe design goes with modern aesthetics to bring vitality, simplicity, and elegance to the living space.” 

Meet yeedi KK series: The Beauty of Clean 

Where Function Meets Aesthetics  

Stop compromising between performance and aesthetics. The yeedi KK series features a ceramic white body with rose gold embellishment to liven up your home, its polishing finish oozes superiority at every look and touch, and the responsive lighting on the robot and the decorative one on the station bring vitality into your space.  

Restore Your Floor’s Original Beauty  

Dual-power spin mopping system mops with force to the floor, even the overnight stains can be wiped off easily. A 5100Pa industry-leading suction sucks up household dirt with ease so your floor will shine bright as new. 

Fast Mapping and 3D Obstacle Avoidance 

yeedi learns your home layout in 5-10 minutes thanks to the 3D ToF navigation and obstacle avoidance technology. It also dodges daily objects on its way and detects narrow spaces to avoid getting stuck. The 84 mm ultra-slim body enables it to reach more corners. 

Clean the Dustbin / Wash and Dry the Mops Automatically  

yeedi KK Plus self-empties the dustbin. The dust bag in a sealing design with a capacity of 3.2L locks up to 75 days of dirt in place. Customers merely need to empty the dust bag 5 times a year. yeedi KK Station washes the mops automatically to make sure they are always clean to perform. And it also dries them with heat when cleaning completes to avoid odor generation.  


yeedi KK series will be available in the 4th quarter of 2022. Click to learn more about it: 


About yeedi 

yeedi is a robot vacuum brand dedicated to helping customers solve challenges in their daily lives. In the belief that all functions and innovations are built to serve as many customers as possible, we bring intelligent cleaning products to more homes to help them keep the house clean and healthy with ease. 

Media Contact: media@yeedi.com

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1888644/yeedi_KK_series.jpg  




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