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One Of The Most Popular Apple Watch Stands Gets A Redesign For Galaxy Watch

IMMEDIAPRESSOne Of The Most Popular Apple Watch Stands Gets A Redesign For Galaxy Watch

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SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — elago is no stranger to the stand accessory market. Their company’s history shows that they were the first ones to design and create an aluminum stand for the first iPhone. Over the years, their stand designs have expanded to include different looks and incorporate different materials. One of the most sold Apple Watch stands in the world is elago’s W2 stand for Apple Watch – a simple, everyday stand made from durable silicone material. Galaxy Watch users can now add the W2 redesign to their nightstands and enjoy the simple sophistication that elago has shared with Apple users for some time. 

If you haven’t heard of elago, they a well-established design company that has been operating out of San Diego, California since 2002. As a design company, elago focuses on creating things that are useful and beautiful. elago’s designers are instructed to create products that they themselves would love to use. In doing so, they are confident that when a product reaches a customer’s hands, they will fall in love with it. 

The GW2 stand is the perfect charging stand to complement the Galaxy Watch. elago’s slogan for the product is that it is “Always ready” –ready to charge your watch anytime and the watch is easily accessible once you want to put it back on your wrist. Installation of the charging cable is extremely simple and hassle-free. A cable management hole was designed into the product to protect the charging cable and keep things tidy. As mentioned earlier, the GW2 is made entirely from silicone material; silicone is has become increasingly popular over the past few years for its non-toxic characteristics and incredible durability – it is basically indestructible, giving you a product that will last a lifetime. The material is also soft to the touch and boasts scratch resistance, protecting your watch and any surface the stand rests on. The GW2 is available in four different colors: Black, White, Stone, Sand Pink. Stand is available for purchase on Amazon and elago.com.Amazon.it: https://amzn.to/36u1I97elago.com: https://bit.ly/3Ml0o7Z 

elago is a design company first and foremost. Their moto is “simple sophistication” because they create products that are useful and aesthetic. All of their designs are created in-house from scratch which ensures that the product you get is detail oriented and works perfectly.elago started in San Diego, CA in 2002 and has received numerous international design awards including Spark Awards and reddot awards. 






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